Other Industries

Foster and achieve rapid development.

The Integrated Business Department involves such businesses as BPM, E-commerce, E-government, Packaging & Printing Business, international  outsourcing, as well as IDC & operation and maintenance services. The division was active in exploiting new development models during its incubation period and realize rapid development by various means, such sas merger and acquisition.

Other Industries


The scope of BPM covers each level of the enterprise’s operation. Founder’s Fix BPM solution performs modeling, automation, management monitoring and optimization throughout the entire lifecycle of an enterprise’s internal and external business processes, enabling the enterprise to lower its cost and therefore significantly increase its profit; enabling the enterprise to realize operations that crossapplications, sectors, cooperative partners and clients. At present, Founder’s Fix BPM has provided BPM solutions for many domestic clients in the industries such as traffic, security, trust, investment bank, government etc., and provided BPM platform products for over 500 ISV across the country.

IDC & Operation Services

Founder International takes the concept “IT Lifecycle Management” as its basis and relies on its authoritative knowledge in IT outsourcing service to serve the generation, installation and setup, operation and production until elimination of the entire IT system lifecycle. Aiming at “improving the operation and maintenance efficiency and reducing the cost for clients”,Founder International commits itself to providing global clients with first class IT outsourcing services.

International Outsourcing

Based on years of accumulation from its independent innovations, the International Outsourcing Department of Founder International has established favorable cooperation relationships with numerous clients like Yahoo, Pfizer, EMC, as well as strategic partners like ChemAxon and CLCbio, and has made remarkable achievements particularly in off-shore outsourcing business.


The E-commerce platform of Founder International is an integrated platform for commodity marketing; it based on unary data, supports multi-channel issuance, takes strategy as the driving force and marketing as the core and is client intelligence-oriented. It also provides the large and middle-sized retail and circulation enterprises with multi-channel applications that integrate the issuance of website, mobile phone, catalogue and on-line platform for them to develop businesses of B2C, B2B2C and B2B modes; the platform provides a highly scalable basic business framework and accurate built-in business rule engine at the.Commanding heights of the industry and with the comprehensive deployment.


In providing E-government service, we actively participate in formulating the relevant standard for e-documents in China by centering on the whole life cycle of e-documents. We are committed to rendering solutions to the generation, regularization, security, long-term preservation, effective utilization, extension and application of government and corporate e-documents. This service system covers the relevant products, solutions and operational support for e-document management (such as tools, plug-in units, etc.), mainly including proprietary CEBX format products, e-forms, e-official seals, exchange of e-official documents, e-files, and solutions to security document management.


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