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Events 2014
In January 2014, Founder International took up the construction of Smart Haidian.
In March 2014, Founder International won the title of “Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises in China’s Smart Public Transportation Industry 2013”.
In May 2014, CEO of Founder International Zhou Daliang had talks with Party Secretary of Jilin Province Wang Rulin and Governor of Jilin Province Bayanqolu on how to cooperate with each other in building smart city.
In May 2014, Founder International signed the agreement for the ACC subway project in Xi’an, forming a situation that AFC and ACC join force in rail transit field.
In June 2014, Founder Information Industry Group accelerated its pace of transformation. The three enterprises under the Group join together to compete with the Blue Chip. 
In June 2014, Founder International successfully won the bid of the Smart Bengbu project, thus kicking off its smart city strategy.
In July 2014, Founder International worked its way into “Top 20 Chinese Business Plan Providers – 2014”.
In July 2014, Founder International won the honorary certificate of “Beijing’s Outstanding Academicians & Experts Workstation” issued by Beijing Association for Science and Technology, becoming one of the enterprise representatives of the city’s 20 outstanding workstations.
In August 2014, Founder International successively won the bids of the project of Zhengzhou No. 2 Rail Transit Phase I valued nearly RMB 80 million and the project of Suzhou Industrial Park Smart Public Transportation Phase III valued nearly RMB 6 million, advancing shoulder to shoulder in two business fields: rail transit and smart public transportation.
In September 2014, at the China Conference for Geographical Information Society 2014, Founder International was found on the list of “Top 100 Enterprises in China’s Geographical Information Industry”.
In November 2014, “Peaceful Guiyang” produced by Guiyang Municipal Government with the aid of Founder International was on CCTV News.
In December 2014, the 3rd Smart Beijing Competition came to an end. Founder International won the “Outstanding Enterprise Award” and once again the “Outstanding Demonstration Application Award”.
In December 2014, Founder Group held the Launch Meeting for IT Domestication Strategy, releasing its “smart”-series key independently-developed technologies and products, including Founder International’s independently-developed big data engine, ESB, BPM, GIS, E-document, and other core software and smart city public information service platforms.
In December 2014, Founder International swung its full weight behind Beijing Subway Line 5 and Yizhuang Line in completing the switching and upgrading of the automatic ticket-selling and ticket-checking system in rail transit, which was reported live on Live News on CCTV-1.
In December 2014, Founder International signed the Agreement on the Framework for Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation with Yongchuan District, Chongqing.
Events 2013
In January 2013, Founder International’s e-government project won the highest award of the industry and the “China Intelligent Government Service-Oriented Innovative Contributions Award”.
In January 2013, Founder International Software was named the “excellent software in the home-made spatial information system 2012”. This is the first time that Founder International has won such an honor. It is for eight consecutive years that its series products of “police integrated geographic information system” have won the title of “excellent software”.
In January 2013, Founder International won the “2013 HR Management Outstanding Award”, indicating that the company has won high recognition from the people from all walks of life for its HR management and corporate culture.
In January 2013, Founder International Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was named the key software enterprise within the national planning and layout, which has not only further strengthened the corporate influence of Founder International, but also has far-reaching significance to its future business development.
In January 2013, Founder International helped Peking University People’s Hospital smoothly complete the database-connecting project, which is the company’s another masterpiece in the medical field.
In February 2013, Founder International smoothly passed the CISCO gold certification system examination.
In March 2013, Founder (Japan) successfully held the conference in commemoration of the 17th anniversary of the company.
In 2013 March, Haidian Smart City Industry Association was established under the great support of Founder International to promote the construction of smart city in Haidian District featuring intelligent government, intelligent park, intelligent urban area, intelligent home, and information industry highland, and to establish the model of China’s construction of smart city.
In March 2013, Founder International successfully passed the CMMI ML5 evaluation, indicating that the company has reached the international first-class level in the related fields of software engineering. It is an important milestone in its course of development.
In May 2013, official website( the cloud-computing service platform jointly launched by Founder International and Hitachi was put online formally and showed up at the first Jinjihu Cloud Industry Summit Forum held in Suzhou.
In May 2013, Founder International successfully expanded its PGIS business into the markets in Central and Southern China.
In May 2013, Founder International and Beijing Institute of Technology jointly created Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Base to usher in a new chapter in the development pattern featured with integration of production, teaching, research & application.
In June 2013, Founder International and Bank of Shaoxing held a singing ceremony for the Third-Generation Core Banking System Project.
In June 2013, Founder International held the innovative smart healthcare forum to formally introduce a strategic cooperation alliance in Founder Healthcare industry; meanwhile SmarterHospital2.0 was released as an entirely new medical informationization solution.
In June 2013, Founder International was recognized as one of the Top 20 Solution Providers in China.
In June 2013, Founder International was awarded the title of Top 10 Service Providers of Golden Service in China 2013.
In July 2013, Founder International assisted Peking University People's Hospital in completing the HIS&RIS system change project, signifying the further progress of informationization construction in Peking University People's Hospital.
In August 2013, the Suzhou Industrial Park Regional Health Information System Project undertaken by Founder International passed final inspection and acceptance.
In August 2013, Founder International successfully passed the CISCO Gold audit and re-certification.
In September 2013, Founder International was invited to attend the FY14 Partner Conference for Microsoft China, and received "Best Partner Award" in the medical field from Microsoft China.
In September 2013, the dynamic Police Geographic Information System, jointly developed by Founder International and Daqing City Public Security Bureau, received the first prize of "China Geographic Information Science and Technology Progress Award 2013 ".
In September 2013, Founder International, as the sole enterprise representative, attended the "China-ASEAN Seminar on E-government Public Platform" held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and carried out discussions with ASEAN representatives for cooperation with respect to the topic of smart cities.
In October 2013, Founder International was once again listed in the Top 100 Best Employers in China 2013.
In October 2013, Founder International assisted Peking University People's Hospital being rated by HIMSS as a Stage 6 Hospital, which is the fourth Stage 4 hospital rated by HIMSS in China, as well as the second Stage 4 hospital customer served by Founder International (the other being Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital ).
In October 2013, Shenyang Metro Group sent a letter to and thanked Founder International for its outstanding performance in guaranteeing Shenyang Metro’s smooth operations during the Twelfth National Games.
In November 2013, Founder International attended the 7th China Hospital CEO Annual Conference held in Guangzhou, and in the same month, Founder International successfully completed the verification and launch of the integrated platform for Peking University People's Hospital.
In November 2013, Founder International, as a subsidiary of Founder Information Industry Group, attended the 15th China International Hi-Tech Fair ("Fair") held in Shenzhen, and comprehensively demonstrated Founder International’s technical applications and achievements in intelligent medical and other smart city areas.
In December 2013, Founder International Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. received the Grade-A qualification certificate for security engineering enterprises issued by the China Security and Protection Industry Association.
On December 15, 2013, a special event of “Scientific Community Member's Day of China Association for Science and Technology 2013” was conducted in Founder International.
In December, 2013, the integrated platform project for Peking University People's Hospital, undertaken by Founder International, won an “Excellent Demonstration Application Award” in the second China Mobile Cup “Smart Beijing Contest”.
In December, 2013, Founder International was named "Most Valuable Brands of China's Software and Information Technology Services Industry 2013" at the 2013 (the Second Term) China (Huangshan) Software & Information Technology Service Industry Brand Conference.
In December, 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice, naming Founder International Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. as a “key software enterprise under the national development program”, which is the second time following last year.
In December, 2013, Founder International’s AFC system assisted in officially launching Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 to meet the challenges from the spring festival busy traffic for the Year of Horse.
Events 2012
In February, the Employees’ Meeting of Founder International- “Deepening integration and creating brilliance” was successfully held in Beijing, during which the leaders from General Managers’ Office praised highly the achievements that the company has made over the previous year.
In March, Founder Group and Hitachi Group jointly organized the Presentation Workshop on Strategic Cooperation in Information Business.
In May, the cooperative project between Founder International and EMC was granted the “Global Innovation Award 2011”.
In May, Founder International won the Technical Innovation Award of “Looking for Smart Cities in China”.
In June, Founder International organized the Forum on Jointly Building Smart Cities with Businesses, Schools, Research Institutions and Application, and worked with Hitachi Group to launch Flying Cloud Platform. In the same month, Founder International Academicians and Experts Workstation was also launched, marking that Founder International has embarked on the road towards building smart cities with businesses, schools, research institutions and application.
In June, Founder International was named “Top 10 Enterprises in China 2012”.
In June, Founder International was named “Top 10 Service Providers of Golden Service 2012”.
In June, Founder International officially became a Cisco Gold Certified Partner.
In July, Founder International and Omron were jointly awarded the rail transit project in Macao.
In August, Founder international participated in “Oracle Financial Services Global Leadership Summit 2012” as a global partner of Oracle.
In September, Founder International attended Smart City Expo China ( Ningbo) to showcase the new development of smart cities.
In December, Founder International was successfully transformed from a foreign enterprise into a wholly domestic company in China.
In December, Founder International was granted the “Award of Solution with the Most Practical Value for Smart Cities 2012”.
In the second half year of 2012, Founder International was named “Outstanding Vendors of E-government Affairs 2012”, “Top 10 IT Brands in E-government Affairs in China”. The cooperative project between Founder International and E-government Affairs Office of Yichang City was granted the two top awards in terms of E-government affairs in China: “Innovative Application Award of E-government Affairs 2012”, and “Best Practice in E-government Affairs in China 2012”.
Events 2011
In April 2011, Founder International was strategically integrated with PKU-DigiCare and Founder Order, committing itself to becoming the world’s top-class software and IT service provider.
In April 2011, Founder International signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hitachi Group.
In April 2011, Founder International was ranked 6th on “China Software Export Enterprise Ranking List 2010”, and notched up the title of “China Software and Service Outsourcing Brand Star 2010”; Guan Xianghong, President of Founder International, was honored as “Distinguished Figure in the Ten Years’ of China Software and Service Outsourcing”.
In June 2011, Founder International was nominated as a candidate of awards for the most influential enterprises in China’s software industry of 2011, along with many world-renowned IT companies such as IBM, Microsoft and HP, and ultimately clinched the awards of “The Most Influential Enterprise of China’s Software Industry of 2011” and “The Most Influential Solutions of China’s Medical Software Industry of 2011”. 
In June 2011, Founder International introduced equity investment made by JPMorgan and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Accenture.
In September 2011, Founder International merged with Beijing Easymap Information Technology Co. Ltd., and established the Public Security and GIS Business Division, further promoting the company’s advantages in this field.
In October 2011, Founder Building was renamed in order to further enhance the international influence of Founder International and raise the public recognition.
In December 2011, Founder International participated in the CCW CIO&CEO Summit 2011 and won China Innovative IT Enterprise Award 2011.
In December 2011, Founder Group and Hitachi Information Business Division signed a strategic cooperation agreement in order to promote the development and construction of the “cloud computing” and “smart city” service application platforms.
In December 2011, Founder International inaugurated an enterprise academician and expert work station with a view to conducting in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutes in the future and to achieve leapfrog development in the process of the integration of industry, academia and research institutes.
Events 2010
Founder International’s Suzhou-based domestic head office building was officially put into operation.
Founder International (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. was again awarded the title of “Outstanding Software Enterprise of Hubei Province”.
Founder International passed the CMMI Level 4 Advanced Evaluation.
Founder International passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.
Chinese Software Export (Outsourcing) Ranking List 2009 was released, and Founder won four major awards.
Events 2009
Founder IT’s new brand logo made its debut.
Founder International was granted the “Contribution Award of China’s Software Industry 2009 in Promoting Employment of College Graduates”.
Founder International signed the contract for the AFC project of Beijing Subway Yizhuang Line.
Founder International was rated as “Backbone Enterprise of China’s Software Industry”.
Founder International won four major awards during the Chinese Software Export and Service Outsourcing Summit 2009.
Founder was honored as “China’s Best Enterprise in Human Resource Management 2009”.
Founder Sharp packaging software was awarded the title of “Independently Innovated Product of Beijing Municipality”.
Jiangyin Company participated in Wuxi’s “123 Project”.
Events 2008
The automatic ticket checking and vending system for subway Line 5 of the Beijing Olympic Project was put into operation.
The Chinese version of Founder’s packaging software Pack#1.0 was officially released.
Founder International won the honorable title of “China’s Software Export and Service Outsourcing Star Brand 2008”
Founder International was again honored as the “National Key Software Enterprise”.



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